philosophie.jpgDieken Art Interiors - Design and Passion

For nearly half a century, the philosophy of creating dream-like scenarios, historically accurate reproductions and luxurious visually impressive paintings has lead to a unique handwriting of Art Interiors. Paintings on walls and ceilings, such as trompe l'œils, landscapes, architectural town panoramas, chinoiseries or Middle-Eastern themes indicate the diversity of our portfolio. Art Interiors has completed more than 1700 wall paintings in residences and commercial buildings, bathrooms, spas and restaurants.

Extraordinary quality

As an accomplished artist with more than 40 years of experience, Hellmuth Dieken provides interior design services with a strong attention to detail. Our approach consists in listening to what clients are looking for, followed by a careful consideration of the individual location, character and history. This way, Art Interiors makes sure that a project is being followed from the early stages through to the final realization. To enhance the level of sustainability, all paintings are resistant to light and water. For additional information please contact us.

geschichte.jpgDieken Art Interiors - International and tradional

Lead by a passionate, creative and reliable artist, Art Interiors has been a source for outstanding interior design for over 40 years. After completing his studies in Cologne and Paris, Hellmuth Dieken started his career, closely collaborating with Jansen S.A. und Mercier Frêres und Döhler in Vienna, Paris and Berlin. In 1967, the first studio for decorative artwork on canvasses and walls opened its doors. The subsequent professional approach as a provider for specialized art mural paintings lead to a relocation of Dieken Art Interiors to St. Paul de Vence, (Côte d'Azur) increasing his popularity and receiving international critical acclaim.

After several years in France, Dieken Art Interiors eventually expanded to Connecticut and Los Angeles, accepting nationwide art commissions and establishing a high level of popularity with exhibitions in the Empire State Building as well as the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more than 20 years, Art Interiors is once again located in Germany, providing sketches and renderings to museums in New York, NY, Frankfurt and Munich and continuously delivering paintings for international clients such as the city of Astana or Abu Dhabi. Hellmuth Dieken has a close and continuing relationship with past clients, repeatedly receiving responses to his early work, while at the same time remaining open to new influences and possibilities.